Get started with Grasp

Here is a step-by-step explanation on how to obtain, connect and use your Grasp in your every-day life.


Obtain Grasp

As a private person

Order your Grasp directly from us using our order page. You will recieve the Grasp in the mail.

Alternatively, you might recieve a Grasp after consultation with your doctor.

As a doctor

You can order a subscription on Grasp and Grasp Insight for desktop through our order page.


Connect Grasp

To connect your Grasp, follow our Grasp Insight mobile app guide.


Plan Grasp

Use Grasp to register emotions, experiences or events

How and when – different methods for use

Decide for how and when to use Grasp. Set up a plan for yourself, or together with your doctor.

Read more on suggestions for use and user stories in our page for users.


Squeeze Grasp

How to register data

Grasp is perfectly customized to fit your hand and works stand-alone without any connections.

When you experience feelings that you wish to record you squeeze Grasp with the intensity and length of your feeling. Grasp remembers every experience.


Synchronize Grasp

Use the Grasp Insight mobile application and upload the data from your Grasp to your mobile device.


Evaluate data

Using your Grasp Insight mobile application or Grasp Insight for desktop, you can analyze and evaluate the data gathered by your Grasp.

Alternatively, your doctor can use Grasp Insight for desktop to evaluate the data together with you.

Repeat steps 4–6 as many times as you feel necessary.

Read more on suggestions for use and user stories in our for users page.