Grasp Insight mobile app

Through this manual you will visit three different interfaces. Contact us if you experience any issues or have any questions at

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You will need a Grasp device, an iPhone with iOS version 12 or newer, an email account and a browser either on a laptop/pc or on your phone.


Download the app

Search for Grasp Insight on the App Store and download the app to your device.


Create your account in the app

To enable storing of your data in the cloud you first need to setup an account.

  • a) Open Grasp Insight
  • b) Click «Sign up»
  • c) Enter your information and click «Create account»
  • d) Confirm your account by clicking the link sent to your email
  • e) Log in to Grasp Insight with username and password you just created
  • f) Grasp Insight is also available at

Activate Grasp device

Use the Grasp Insight app to activate your Grasp device and add it to your account.

  • a) Open Grasp Insight
  • b) Press «Link Grasp» in the app and squeeze the Graspdevice with a firm and long squeeze. If nothing happens, try again. If you require any assistance,contact us.
  • c) The Grasp name will show in the app
  • d) Press «Link with account»
  • e) Create a new activity you want to save data fromthe Grasp device in. You can create multiple activities.
  • f) Congratulations! Your Grasp device is now linked to your Grasp Insight account and is ready for use.

Using Grasp Insight mobile app

Now you have a Grasp with you everyday, and squeeze it as hard and as often as you like. When you want to view your squeezes on your Grasp device, you upload them in the Grasp Insight app on your phone or pad in the Connect view.

The information from your squeezes will be uploaded and saved in the cloud. In the Insights tab of the app you can see an overview of all your squeezes.