Using your Grasp

Before you start using your Grasp we recommend reading about the different use cases below about how you can best use the Grasp.

Quick start

To get up and running quickly, below you will find the general process for start logging your with your Grasp. If you want some indepth details about how to use the Grasp in different scenarios check out some of the use cases.


Unbox and charge Grasp


Create and activate user profile


Use the mobile app to activate and start storing squeezes


Create an activity-log and start squeezing!

These are the necessary steps to start using your Grasp, read further to get a step-by-step walkthrough of the steps in more detail.

More than an app!

We have created various apps to support different use cases for Grasp. Check out our apps page to read the guides and find the app that suits you!