Live monitoring

- Immediate response to signal of pain, discomfort and anxiety

Background: Peder

"Peder" experiences severe discomfort at the dentist and therefore, he has avoided the dental treatment for several years. Due to severe toothache, he has to consult a dentist. At the dentist, he is given a device for communicating with the dentist during the treatment.

Use: The dentist instructs Peder to squeeze Grasp when he experiences discomfort and thus notify the dentist. If the agony is too severe to bear and Peder wants the dentist to pause, he is supposed to squeeze firmly. The dentist will see the squeeze live on his screen indicating, “stop”.

Analysis: At first Peder is sceptical, however he discovers that Grasp gives him control in a very unpleasant situation. Below we display three logs showing Peder’s experiences during the treatment. 


Straightaway, Peder squeezes firmly providing an immediate change on the screen that causes the dentist to stop. Peder is anxious; however, as he experiences Grasp to work as intended, he allows the dentist to continue.


Peder squeezes a little, increasing until moderate, as it is uncomfortable. However, he feels being in control and wants the dentist to continue.


Peder squeezes firmly. The dentist stops. Peder feels a strong pain. The dentist then chooses to administer an anaesthetic before continuing the treatment.