Remote patient monitoring

− Patients undergoing treatment outside hospitals

Outpatient treatment is preferred due to enhanced patient satisfaction besides economic considerations. It is however challenging to obtain reliable information from patients concerning their actual conditions between the consultations.

Using Grasp permits continuously assessments and responds to symptoms, which in turn provides information about the severity of symptoms to both the patient and the clinician. This may in turn enable faster treatment accustomed to the patient’s needs.

Background: Mona

‘Mona’ has cancer and undergoes treatment with cytostatic. The treatment causes her severe side effects, with nausea being the most troublesome. Mona is attending regular digital outpatient consultations every Monday.


- Patient with cancer: Nausea

Use: Mona uses Grasp to log the frequency and the intensity of her nausea and thus to improve shared understanding of her situation to enable actions that might reduce this side effect. 

Analysis: Mona has used Grasp for three weeks and analysed the squeezes digitally with her physician every week to improve precautions. The Grasp log from each week are illustrated below together with the initiated precautions: 

week 1

Severe nausea throughout Tuesday without understanding the reason why. Friday: Mona attended a birthday party. Due to much food and odours, she became nauseous and vomited. She went to bed without eating anything else.Saturday: Severe nausea all day.

Intervention: - Increasing medication towards nausea before attending special occasions. - Ensure occasional trips outside to breathe some fresh air.- Remember to eat after having vomited.

week 2

Yet another Tuesday with severe nausea. Mona identifies the relation between an early morning delivery of children to school and nursery on her own.

Intervention: - Her mother-in-law helps Mona every Tuesday with delivering the children.

week 3

Mona suffers a lot from nausea Wednesday afternoon after spending the day inside without taking breaks to go outside to breathe.

Intervention: - Mona appreciates how going outside for several short breaks to breathe reduces nausea.