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Connecting patient and dentist

Control and communication are core values when visiting the dentist. We can all relate to the difficulty of communicating and the lack of control during dental treatment. For some patients, this leads to avoiding visits to the dentist. Grasp connects patients and dentists, provides safe and effective care, and ultimately increases patient compliance over time.

Grasp Aware. How does it work?

The dentist gives the Grasp device to the patient to hold during treatment. By squeezing it, patients can easily communicate with the dentist.

By squeezing the Grasp, patients trigger auditory and visual feedback that communicates to their dentist that they are doing fine.


A firm squeeze and hold triggers a stop signal, notifying the dentist through a change in sound and visual feedback. The dentist will then pause to assess the patient’s condition.

After the treatment, the patient will receive a report that enhances their understanding and equips them for better self-care.

Check out the Grasp Aware product video