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Grasp Aware

User guide for patients

What do the users say?

I liked the ball very much. It was nice to hold, and it played music when I squeezed it.
– Annika, 11 years

It was nice to hold and it made it easy to ask for a break when I needed one. Simple and smart.
– Harald, 74 years

When holding Grasp in my hand, I knew that this would help with my anxiousness. It gave me security and distracted me to think about something else.
– Marta, 52 years

Finally a solution that gives me full control over how the patient is doing.
– Tannlege Bjelland & Co

Intuitive technology at your fingertips

Grasp is comfortable to hold in the hand, and is easy to use. By squeezing Grasp, you communicate to your dentist how things are going.

It's simple to use Grasp:

  • You hold Grasp firmly in your hand.
  • Squeeze Grasp to express how you feel.
  • Different squeezes will result in different sounds in the room. This tells the dentist how you are doing.
  • Grasp can be used to signal that everything is okay, or to tell if you want a break.
  • Grasp helps you master the treatment, giving you control.