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Grasp Aware Roadmap

Summer 2024

Thank you for being an active part of the Grasp Family!
Every session you participated in, and every comment or feedback you shared, has helped us improve significantly. To meet your expectations, we’d like to show you a list of improvements we’ve made based on your input.

Sound feedback improvements

  • Fixed issue with long loading times for sound schemes and sound samples
  • Developed three predefined modes

Improved patient session flow

  • Finishing patient sessionis now a lot faster saving precious time and removing unnecessary clicks before starting a new session (patient satisfaction survey and session summary is no longer automatically showing up)
  • You can still at any point in time access session summary opening the sessions list and choosing the session you want to see in details

Flexibility in when to connect Grasp

  • No need to connect to grasp device during the logging into the app – right now you can simply login and use the app without active Grasp device connection. Whenever neccessary app will ask you to connect to a Grasp Device (for example before starting a new session)
  • Better explanation on how to connect Grasp device – when connecting the device there’s now precise innformation on how to put device into pairing mode and proceed with connection

Device battery monitoring and charging reminders

App will monitor battery state of the Grasp device and IPad and present a reminder to connect a charger whenever necessary to make sure both IPad and Grasp are charged and ready for the next patient session.

Possibility to choose an active dentist

You can now choose an active dentist from a list of all dentists working in the dental clinic. All the data collected will be stamped with the currently active dentist account so you can report and have insight reports only on your data but also to be able to tailor the app settings according to your preference.

Possibility to view list of all registered sessions

Possibility to view list of all sessions registered in the clinic, search for particular session and check out all the details registered for every single session

Possibility to view every session details

Possibility to choose any of the previously registered sessions and check-out all the relevant session statistics, squeeze intensity timeline or location of alarm incidents.

Customer support at your finger tips

Customer support – at any point (login, connecting device, or main screen) there is a possibility to read more about Frequent Problems or report an issue to the Grasp Development Team. We will respond immediately trying to help and solve the issue.

How to upgrade to the latest version?

Upgrading to the latest version:

  • Open the “App Store” On the IPad device
  • Type “Grasp Aware” in the Search field and press enter
  • If you see the upgrade icon (cloud with arrow facing down) – it means there’s a newer version of the app – please press it to install new version
  • If you see the “Open”-button it means you have the latest version installed

Upcoming improvements

version released early July 2024

3 separate predefined session modes

Introducing 3 predefined modes of using Aware solution:

  • Notification
  • Coping
  • Distraction

Depending on type of the patient (for example level of anxiety) and dental procedure dentist can choose most efficient way of using Aware solution for a particular paitient.

Comprehensive information for each of the session modes

Each single from 3 predefined sessions comes with a unique behaviour, unique sound scheme and most importantly with a detailed description on what and how to communicate to the patient.

Patient centered user experience

  • The sessions list will be replaced with a patients list, allowing the dentist to easily view the full session history for each patient. This will enable the dentist to track a patient’s progress and determine which mode of using the Aware solution was most effective for that individual.
  • Possibility to share the session summary with the patient. After the session, the patient will receive a link via SMS or email, allowing them to view their session summary.

Simplified session flow

  • A faster and simpler way to finish a session – no longer requires providing a post-session questionnaire, checking a summary, or filling in a satisfaction form. All data can now be registered either beforehand or retrospectively.
  • The ability to schedule sessions upfront (registering patient data, procedure type, and date) allows dentists to quickly start a previously scheduled session during a busy day, with all information already filled in.

Timestamping session with Procedure Steps

  • Possibility to register procedure steps (such as the exact moment of administering anesthetics, taking an X-ray, etc.) adds a new dimension to analytics. This capability allows for answering questions like how long it usually takes for anesthetics to work or how much administering anesthetics reduces pain during a particular dental procedure.
  • Improved data insights
  • Improves patient understanding

Visualization of procedure steps on session summary

The post-session summary utilizes the registered procedure steps (and also allows for retrospective registration of these steps). This summary clearly shows which steps were most intensive for the patients and which steps triggered the most alarms.