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Coping mode allows patients to monitor and express the intensity of their symptoms in real-time through a graded auditory signal. A light to moderate press can indicate mild to moderate discomfort, while a stronger press signals an acute need to halt the treatment. The immediate auditory response provides the dentist with a clear indication of the patient’s condition, enabling a dynamic and responsive approach to patient care. Coping Mode is designed for patients who wish to take a more active role in managing their own well-being during dental treatments.

Instructions for Coping Mode:

  • Hand the Grasp Aware device to the patient when they are ready for treatment.
  • Inform the patient that pressing the device will produce an auditory signal that varies in tone based on the intensity of the press.
  • Different pressures will result in different sound intensities, informing the dentist of the patient’s status.
  • If a firm press is made, the sound will change in character. This indicates that you, as the dentist, must pause the treatment and immediately attend to the patient’s comfort and needs.