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Distraction mode is an innovative solution that allows patients to immerse themselves in a world of distraction to take their focus off the dental treatment itself. By using audiovisual distractions such as music or audiobooks, this mode helps patients focus on something other than the dental procedure. Distraction Mode also has an immediate stop function that is activated when patients press firmly on the Grasp Aware device. This triggers an alarm signal indicating that you, as the dentist, should stop the treatment immediately.

By utilizing Distraction Mode, the patient’s ability to cope with the dental treatment situation is enhanced. This can make a significant difference for patients with dental treatment fear or anxiety and contributes to a more comfortable treatment experience.

Instructions for Distraction Mode:

  • Preparation: Begin by explaining Distraction Mode to the patient and demonstrating the Grasp Aware device.
  • Choice of distraction: Allow the patient to choose a preferred audio experience before starting the treatment.
  • Operating instructions: Show the patient how they can start and control playback with a simple press on Grasp Aware.
  • Need to stop: Instruct the patient on how to use the stop function by pressing hard on the device if they want the treatment to stop immediately. As a dentist, be prepared to immediately respond to the alarm signal by pausing the treatment and addressing the patient’s needs.