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We had already decided in advance. Let’s bet everything on launching a world premiere of our first commercial product at a conference.

It couldn’t have gone better.

During Nordental, Norway’s undoubtedly largest conference for dental health, we received a reception that exceeded our expectations. We were particularly surprised by the strong confirmation of the value the solution will add to dentists and dental hygienists, and that the product was absolutely brilliant.

Several signed contracts at the fair, including Orve Ingvaldsen and Tannhelsehuset Haugesund (see picture), and we have a long list of clients in the public and private sectors that we are meeting with now.

Over 20 hours at the stand, we held 160 live demonstrations, a new one every 8 minutes, for over 300 people. On a scale from 1 to 10, we received an average score of 9 from all participants. That’s impressive. We triggered about 700 alarms and a total of 5000 hugs were registered. In a clinic, this would represent completely new and very valuable health data.

Grasp Aware is truly unique. The solution allows the patient to master dental treatment, and it gives the dentist an overview of how the patient is doing. Simply safety for all parties with the patient in focus.

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